Nurse Jobs Ireland’s mission is simple – to list all nursing jobs in Ireland for nurses to view and apply for. We are THE new destination of choice for people looking for nursing job vacancies in this country.

To help us achieve our mission we also have:

  • Nearly 15 years’ experience in healthcare recruitment.
  • A small company with award-winning, high standards that delivers on its quality promises.
  • Experienced and nursing industry-aware recruiters and search teams.
  • Extra services we offer to clients and candidates at every step of the recruitment process.
  • The latest recruitment and HR advertising and database technology, making processing a vacancy or placement efficient and transparent.
  • Irish owner-operators, meaning we understand the local nursing jobs markets and work with SME’s and Multinational medical establishments in the Irish state.
  • A mobile website and continuous online marketing investment, ensuring hiring companies and jobseekers stay in touch with Nurse Jobs Ireland wherever they may be.

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